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Magic Inductive Tank

A great gift for children or adults, this toy tank has an optical sensor that reads any black line drawn on a white piece of paper. Just turn on the power and the Magic Tank Toy will follow the line automatically.

US $10.00 / piece
Slot Machine Liquor Bar

This is an uniquely designed liquor or beer dispenser inspired by an antique slot machine. With each pull of the handle you're sure to hit the jackpot and enjoy your favorite drink. Whether entertaining friends or relaxing at home, Lady Luck will always be on your side.

US $38.53 / piece
Rainbow Projector

A rainbow is a unique and colorful natural phenomenon that occus when sunlights shines through water vapor in the air. But now you can enjoy a briliant rainbow any time... in your room!

US $14.74 / piece
Soft Drink Dispenser

Here's a neat party trick! Impress your friends with your novel beverage dispenser. They'll never believe that all you need to do is invert your bottle to have perfect pours every time!

US $4.14 / piece
Four-wheel Orbit Wheel Skateboard

Find a new way to travel with this cool four-wheel orbit skateboard. It provides great exercise and comes with an instructional CD to learn how to use it best. Have fun and get a great workout today!

US $63.16 / piece
Sea Scooter

Navigate efficiently undersea with this undersea scooter! Zip around faster than with fins alone and explore a myriad of sealife without disturbing them.

US $132.96 / piece
Tea Fishing

Keep your tea on hand with ease! This cute tea fishing holder keeps your entire tea bag out of your cup - form and function combined! It makes a great gift for kids and adults alike.

US $44.09 / piece

When morning sneaks up on you, you need something that packs a punch, and this smashing new mug will deliver a fistful of your favorite beverage.

US $14.95 / piece
Mindflex Duel

Let two players engage in battles of intense "mind-eye" concentration! This amazing game comes with two lightweight headsets, which allow players to levitate the foam ball and move it across the game platform--all with their minds.

US $200.59 / piece
Stainless Steel Soap

Eliminate odors with a sleek beautiful bar of "soap"! Negatively charged stainless steel combines with the positive charge of water to neutralize smells.

US $2.97 / piece
Mini Popcorn Maker

With this lovely popcorn maker, you can enjoy fresh popcorn in minutes. Children will be thrilled to see this machine in action. It's great for parties or movie night.

US $54.69 / piece
Beverage Dispenser

A perfect addition to your holiday parties. Fill with punches, soft drinks or eggnog and just pump! You will surprised to find life is so much more interesting with this small tool.

US $23.63 / piece
Electric Skateboard

The Skateboard is super light, and perfectly designed for the younger audience. It's great for all around carving, free style riding and everything in between.

US $678.95 / piece
Music Gloves

Make music at your fingertips with these cool piano gloves. You don't need a piano to play a variety of songs and entertain your friends. Each fingertip plays a different note.

US $23.94 / piece
Retro Flip Down Clock

Keep it real with a retro clock! This old-school flip down clock will liven up any desk or bedside table with its super sleek and minimalist design.

US $37.25 / piece
Laser Guided Scissors

Fabric, craft paper and gift wrap are no match for these laser-guided scissors! Mark where you plan to cut and use the laser sight to cleanly follow the line.

US $7.26 / piece
Skull Shot Glass

Pour in your favorite drinks, color the skull to the color you like. The beverage in the glass seems cooler and it takes your courage to drink it.

US $7.60 / piece
Tomato Alarm Clock

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell the time OR to assemble this nature-powered clock. Grab a tomato, potato, apple, or lemon when you need to know the time.

US $2.50 / piece
Starry Sky Projector

Enjoy time under the stars whether its sunny or cloudy outside! Starlight projectors create a magical ambiance in any room, and is a great effect that both children and adults love.

US $9.00 / piece
RC Camera Quadricopter

This helicopter lets you see what the helicopter sees. It comes with four rotor blades that can be controlled with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. It has a new camera, as well as a new look.

US $339.99 / piece
Electronic Goldfish

Goldfish are extremely fragile creatures. Most goldfish are clumsy and prone to diseases if not cared for properly. While a goldfish bowl is nice to look at to us humans, it is not the best place to keep goldfish due to its size and lack of oxygen. However, with this electronic goldfish, you can never lose a beloved pet again.

US $38.95 / piece
Super Star Photo Frame

Do you only wish you had the allure of Marilyn Monroe or the suave nature of James Bond? Now you can have it easily with these fun photo frames that let you embody their look!

US $17.89 / piece
Nail Through Finger Toy

Your friends will be blown away when they see a huge nail sticking through your finger! Luckily, you can avoid the real pain, with this funny Nail-through-the-finger trick toy.

US $0.29 / piece
Running Parachute

Most runners are unaware of the use of running parachutes or even the method to increase speed and strength. You, on the other hand, are lucky enough to find this secret.

US $9.35 / piece
Vent Human Face Ball

So since it's really just a matter of how we deal with stress that differentiates us, perhaps the world just needs a few more Vent Human Face Balls! Choose Yuck, Relief, Pout, and Joy depending your mood.

US $7.89 / piece
Remote Control Forklift

New mini remote control forklifts are great fun for people of all ages. Full directional control allows you to drive in all directions. Plus you can raise and lower the forks to move your cargo with precision.

US $20.42 / piece
Solar Robots

Easy to assemble by with step-by-step instructions. For best results use under direct sunlight. For indoor fun use a 50 watt halogen bulb.The solar module powers the gearbox. Zero experience required to have fun with this toy!

US $7.19 / piece
Robotic Arm

You may often see these in science fiction movies or shows, and want to own one yourself. Now you can realize your robot dream and enjoy being served by a robot.
Use 32 road servo controller and computer as control systems
joints can move in the prescribed scope, control software by operating upper computer
Send control command signal to servo controller, so as to realize the precisely work in the space

US $265.00 / piece
Ant Farm Toys

Ever wonder how ants live? You can find the answer by watching ants working in their tunnel through the clear box. It's fun and educational to find out the interesting secrets you never see underground: how they work, communicate, rest, eat and fight...

US $12.77 / piece
Flying Saucer Toy

Mystify your friends as your UFO hovers and floats all around you! Only you will know how it works! This amazing effect sets up less than 15 seconds! Throw it like a flying disc, spin it like a top, and make it hover and float!

US $22.00 / piece
Transformers U-disk

Is it a panther or a flash drive? It's both! Storing your data has never been more fun than with a unique transformer flash drive with USB connection.

US $13.59 / piece
A unique way to protect your phone!

This amazing little bag unzips to be nothing more than a mere strap of fabric. Fully zipped, it protects your phone like no other, and is also outfitted with a carabiner so you can securely attach it to other packs as well.

US $3.53 / piece
Guitar Adapter for Apple

The new iRig interface adapter is the easiest way to get your instrument’s signal into iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. Simply plug iRig into your mobile device, plug your instrument into the iRig, plug headphones or amplifier to the output and you are ready to rock!

US $7.55 / piece
Phone Control Helicopter

Be the envy of your friends with this fun phone-controlled RC Helicopter! Have fun wherever you take your phone - everywhere!
3.5 Channels
Metal Helicopter in White, Blk & Silver
Works with iPhone, iPad

US $35.31 / piece
RC Plane Camera

See the world from a new view with this RC Airplane Camera. Wherever it goes, you can too, as you watch high-quality digital video recorded by this cool device.

US $49.47 / piece
RC Air Swimmers

Let fish share the sky! These fun air swimmers will stop anyone in their tracks, and are loads of fun for both kids and adults.

US $40.00 / piece
Cycle Recording Mini Hidden Camera Clock

Keep an eye on every room with this unique pinhole video camera that is hidden in a clock! With cycle recording, you always know your rooms are perfectly secured.

US $33.64 / piece
Blue LED Touchscreen Watch

Beauty and function are combined in this stylish Blue LED touchscreen digital watch! With modern styling and cool features, it will definitely turn heads.

US $14.00 / piece
Steering Wheel with Speaker

Take your iPhone for a spin with this cool steering wheel accessories that enhances any driving game. You'll love the sure grip and great speakers!

US $24.84 / piece
Zoom Telescope

Zoom in to any far-off target with your iPhone! This detatchable telescope for your iPhone lets you see long distances with ease.

US $13.99 / piece
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