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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lego building crane
Great model, but the seller can't pack properly! The stickers sheet was broken in the original shipment. Then the seller sent me another one... But this time he folded the stickers 4 times! Folded 4 times! So I got new stickers worse than the original one.... I am speechless.....
Big Shipment, all in good order and fast. Big pro's to the seller to finetune my needs to the best of his ability. Will visit this seller again, recommend to all.
very quick delivery of a few days to UK. fantastic model. took 6 hours straight for my 6 year old no breaks and with my help just to organise the poeces
Really wonderful! I am as excited as my son will be! An effective packing, arrived soon enough so this can be a creative and wonderful Christmas present. I am so pleased by the seller that he will be my choice for the years coming!! I certainly recommend him, and AliExpress, no question about it!! My next photos will be after it is assembled!