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LT-50 TK2050 Digital Amplifier 50W+50W BTL 100W Amplifier Board LCM-1

- Working voltage: DC 10-32V
- Output power: 30V, 50W * 2/8 European
                 24V BTL 100W / 4 ohms
- Only then under the stereo speakers for more than six in Europe, then Europe speakers may burn out the IC, then 6-Europe speaker, the voltage can not exceed 24V

*Notice: the negative output terminal is not grounded, not grounded!
- Panasonic FC capacitors with gold filter
- The main chip (above the black sticky 3M tape thermal conductivity)
- Audio input: the left of the white three-pin terminal
- Audio output: the right of two green terminal (/ - very marked)
- Power supply: large capacitor next to the green terminal (/ - marked)




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