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Dear friends, welcome to here.
we entrepreneurship In 2005, hurried by nine years.
Long-term store management make us comprehend, do enterprise to see the long term, we are not closed today for the opening tomorrow!
We only committed to excellent product quality, win the customer's attention to for a long time.
But the price of the product is still a big obstacle to store development.
Different quality different price! Production technology of today's world, daily necessities, production and transportation of raw materials (except for some special industries), the regional gap is not big.
Material of same product in different areas of different manufacturer production cost difference is not big. So what is it that makes the same products have such a big price difference?
Is really in businesses at a loss sales?
I can only say that different prices different cost!!
Often a friend asked me "this product?" I will tell him my intuitive feeling.
 But different people have different opinions, my opinion is for reference only. 
I am also very happy to communicate with my friends. (whether in our store of goods, or other shop) I just hope my sincere to meet sincere friends as well.
We're sorry, we cannot guarantee that we sell is the lowest prices of the goods, we can only guarantee the quality of my goods for sale!!!!!!!!!!!
If you want to be the lowest price, we cannot do it.
We don't prepare and other businesses compete on price.
Once again thank you for coming:)
The most sincere best wishes.