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Install Principle


  In order to guarantee the normal work of the turbocharger, you have to strictly carry out the installation according to the following request:

  1. The suction flange of the turbine wheel of the turbocharger is directly fixed to engine exhaust pipe with bolt. Other joints must be flexible. The heavy pipeline must have the strut. During the installation, the clean engine machine oil must be used to pour into inlet of oil for pre-lubrication.

  2. During the installation of turbocharger to the engine, oil outlet of the bearing housing should be vertical downwards, in normal circumstances the incline has to be smaller than 23°.

  3.The lubricating oil must be filtered. The lubricating oil trademarks must conform to the requirement of the engine manufactory.

  4.After the engine starts 3~4 seconds, the oil inlet of the turbocharger must demonstrate the air outlet pressure, avoiding the damage of the bearing system of the turbocharger caused by the lacking of lubricating oil.

  5.During the loading movement of the engine, the oil pressure must be between 196KPa (2.0 kilograms strength/square centimeters) and 392KPa (4.0 kilograms strength/square centimeters).This will be able to guarantee the safety work of the turbocharger. During the idle operation, the oil pressure should not be lower than 69KPa (0.7 kilograms strength/square centimeter).

  6. The smallest diameter of the oil inlet pipeline is 9.5 millimeters; the smallest diameter of the oil return pipe is 19 millimeters. The return oil enters the engine through the oil return pipeline because of its own gravity. The return oil outlet should be higher than the lubricating oil liquid level in the engine’s oil sump. The oil return pipe should not shrink.

  7. The air filter pressure drop must not surpass 500 millimeter water columns. The filter element in filter should avoid the wet condition. This can remarkably increase the pressure drop.

  8. The exhaust gas back-pressure behind the turbine wheel must not surpass 500 millimeter water columns, especially when the exhaust is used to brake. After consultation with our company, the limit value may suitably increase.

  9.During the installation of the turbocharger with bypass, make sure not to carry or raise the turbocharger with the adjuster stick in order to avoid the change of the pressure value which causes the damage.

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