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Alloy jewelry as long as the proper maintenance, can every day bright as new! This type of jewelry do not require the use of very expensive maintenance water for maintenance, as long as to avoid acid-base and humid environment can be. Humid environment include: take a shower, wash your face, don't wear, without sweating a lot stored before the application of dry cloth; jewelry box jewelry do not wear should be promptly put in a sealed, should put the 1 desiccant jewelry box. Jewelry specific maintenance is as follows:

1 jewelry often replaced, the same piece of jewelry, should avoid to wear a long time, especially in the hot summer, long-term exposure to sweat coating jewelry, easily eroded, so it is best to prepare a jewelry to be used as regular replacement.

2 contact with chemicals, the most easily damaged accessories. Avoid direct contact with water, jewelry, perfume, soap, hair spray, camphor, cleaning crystals with chemical composition on the erosion of jewelry items. Do not go to bed, bath, swimming or intense exercise when wearing jewelry. Aroma bath, swimming in chlorine, salt water, will cause some corrosion on jewelry, so take a shower or before swimming should be removed all decorations.

3 impact is easy to scratch, store to be careful, do not be jewelry overlapped together or mixed exposed storage, each piece of jewelry should be stored separately, avoid and other jewelry or hard materials mixed together, to avoid mutual friction between the damaged and scratched the surface. After wearing, with a dry cloth used to clean, soft decoration, in order to maintain the jewelry gloss and durability.

4 need not regularly clean jewelry, do not use water, ultrasonic cleaning agent (device) or containing alcohol or any available in the market the sale of jewelry cleaner for cleaning, just a dry cloth (thin cloth) to do the cleaning or choose a soft brush to sweep the surface of the jewelry, jewelry can remove surface stains, to maintain the jewelry bright.

5 when you buy beautiful jewelry, the jewelry surface evenly coated with colorless nail polish, its principle is to goods brush on the waterproof coating, especially jewelry buckle is easy to wear, it should be painted over several layers of protection, which can protect color, but also can prevent allergy, allergy to nickel and MM can test. Nail polish painted, try to place 1-2 days before wearing, better effect. Of course, this preservation is time limited, once the nail polish off it to the coating layer, do not give it to contact air of opportunity

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