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 The collocation of fashion cufflinks
   Every man is a brand, set up their own image to decorate yourself first, cufflinks happened to help the man, then how to use cufflinks, how do you take? And shirts with cufflinks have what relation? Cufflinks are small, but the style is ever changing, in addition to the traditional round and square, there are water droplets, thread, Chinese knot, such as shape, design also has a totem, flag, tai chi, steering wheel, fruits, cartoon, Chinese zodiac, constellation of all kinds, such as style is elegant, humorous and unruly, etc., so tie-in cufflinks have knowledge greatly.
  First of all, according to the color of the shirt and dress collocation; White shirt match cufflinks crystal glass, transparent crystal cufflinks, more foil a relaxed and clean white shirt; With gold and red shirt cuff links, there are gorgeous and fashionable feeling, black, white, grey shirts with silver cufflinks, have composed, noble effect. Black cufflinks is joker sheet is tasted, can appear more fashionable dress.

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