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Special remind

The initial use, need to use a mini 5pin data cable to activate an, unplug the pairing is successful, the wireless remote control, if you still can not use, there are 2 kinds of method 1, the PS3 reset, 2, the charging handle.

Special remind

Sony new firmware error statement 3.10:

Fault phenomenon: since the upgrade 3.10, sometimes with a boot, the handle 4 light, not blinking. The handle is the host recognition cannot, at this time the data line can be identified, but pulled out after 4 lights, and not the recognition.

Solution: shut down after the handle is connected with USB data line in the case of a boot, the host recognition to handle is pulled out, the problem disappears.

Analysis: this phenomenon is not each boot will encounter, only occasionally, I have 2 sets of PS3 (a SIM, an old 80) since the upgrade has various once such a situation, this morning just to buy machines friends call, said there couldn't handle the situation, coupled with the a few days on the Forum was also reflected the same problem, basic can determine 3.10 firmware BUG.

With a detailed solution:

The power switch 1, using the host behind the closure of PS3;

2, DS3 will handle the USB cable on the PS3;

3, press the power switch of the host behind, the PS3 should be a standby state;

4, press the power button on the system front panel to start PS3;

5, when PS3 starts, press the PS key in the DS3 on the handle to turn off PS3 (DS3 need to keep using the USB cable to connect to the PS3 state);

6, when the PS3 is fully closed, press the PS key in the DS3 on the handle to open the PS3 (DS3 also need to keep using the USB cable to connect to the PS3 state);

7, when the PS3 starts up again, DS3 handle should restore the synchronization with PS3, then you can unplug the USB cable into the wireless use state.

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