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solar energy is an energy which the solar interior continuously unceasing nuclear fusion reaction process produces. On the earth's orbit mean sun radiation intensity is 1367kw/m2. The terrestrial equator perimeter is 40000km, thus may calculate, the Earth obtains the energy may reach 173,000TW. In the sea level standard peak value intensity is 1kw/m2, the earth's surface some 24h annual mean radiation intensity is 0.20kw/m2, is equal to has 102,000TW the energy, the humanity relies on these energy maintenance survivals, including possesses other forms the renewable energy (geothermal energy resources to be an exception) although the solar energy resources total quantity is equal the energy which uses to the present humanity 10,000 multiple, but the solar energy energy density is low, moreover it , from time to time because changes, this is the development the main question which faces using the solar energy. Solar energy these characteristics can cause it to receive the certain limit in the entire synthesis energy system function.



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