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best selling and 0rganic Pu Erh tea

old tree producing
aReadFileadv ok 88813advokWe have been producing the arbor Pu Erh by using the pure old tea trees as raw material, not being mixed, doing the single old trees item in the spring time . using traditional drying tea process, handmade tea, traditional package, for ensuring  the original Pu Erh is ancient flavor and delicious.




welcome to my tea shop .

Though item is expensive,we will not dare to decrease the quality of material. For concocts although it's numerous, we will not dare to save its labour's cost. nobody can see processing program, only there are God know. the Human Rights in the Declaration of Independence: Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. Li shizhen written in his book Pu'er Tea tastes bitter ,reduce the fat and the poison. drinking Pu'er Tea, good way to good health! in the tea master Misha shop you can be enjoying the best organic old arbor big trees Pu'er Tea .  all China products can be supplied here ,food packing  making machine line , Aluminum food  container making machine line and XPS cornice making machine line ,XPS cup .. we are your integrated supply chain service provider. all taobao items can be found here.we will give you a good price at cost .please contact us .we can speak both english and russian.we just supply the high quality Pu'er tea and all good products with good service and the fine reputation. 


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