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Dear Customers,

Thanks for your support and believe in MsLighting , we will do our utmost to supply better quality and newest Led product to you , consider some customer's feedback , we are pleasure to share the meaning of IP33 ,IP65 ,IP67,IP68 with you , to help you choice the suitable one you want .

1.IP33- Led Strips can not touch water a little , installed and stored in dry environment , Welcome to visit here

2. IP65 - Led Strips will incur no harmful effects from light water projection. Welcome to visit Here

3.IP67 - Product will incur no harmful effects from being submerged up to 1 meter for no more than 30 minutes. Welcome to visit Here
4.IP68 - Product will incur no harmful effects from being submerged beyond 1 meter. Welecome to visit Here


Welcome the wholesales or retail connect with us for more better price !!!

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Dear Client, 

The best service ,quality and the lowest price  are ready for you.


if any items is more than 50Meters,please contact us to enjoy better price.


Inquiry or aftersales service for rough order ,pls email to

Online inquiry pls connect :Whatsapp +86 186 2771 5817