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When you engage in the activities in the outdoor, a portable multi-purpose outdoor tool and multi-purpose tool is a very useful tool that can help you arrange food, camp, or repair the equipment.Multi-purpose tools according to the function design is divided into many styles, you know how to choose a suitable tool?The following instructions may be able to answer your question:
First determine your personal needs, there are several of these types of tools is introduced:
Fixed knife - common tools, the blade and hilt stationary combination, the blade must be put in the additional scabbard, the volume is larger, inconvenient to carry.If you want to carry, must be placed in a safe place, so as to avoid accidentally hurt other things.
Folding knife - appearance with fixed knife close to the general, but the blade can be folded into the handle, easy to carry, high safety, when the choice must pay attention to whether the handle grip conveniently, if cogged fixed blade can not move any attached.
Multi-purpose knife - the most representative is the Swiss knife!The blade can be folded up, according to the function different have different styles, light weight, convenient to carry.
Multi-purpose tool - similar function with multi-purpose knife, but design tend to apply heavy job or more complex repair work.More weight with a knife to heavy, and it has relatively large tools such as pliers, screwdrivers and saws.
Choice really need to use function, in general, sells on the market of multi-purpose knife or multi-purpose tool can meet the demands of most people, but the function of the tool for the more, the weight and volume will be increased by, so the need to consider their own, choose the really suitable for their own needs cutting tools, if you can, you can try out, determine the cutting tool operation is convenient, the convenient tools, will be good to use.



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