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Pu'er ter

Pu'er ter
Growth Environment
Mountain altitude 1000-2100 meters, slope ≤25Slope; the soil is latosol, brick red of the red soil, red soil and mountain yellow mountain like; soil organic matter content ≥1%, pH value of 4.5 to 6.0.
Tasting skills
Pu'er tea can clear drinks and mixed drinks. Clean drinking means without any accessories to brew; mixed drink refers to add accessories in tea, such as adding chrysanthemum, Chinese wolfberry, ginseng and other health food material in tea in.
Drinking hot tea must smells, the former toast nose, then you can feel like a lot of ideas Chen aromatic flavor nostrils, under its sense of elegance Qinxin, orchids are not clear daisy. Pu'er tea need intentions, sipping entrance, before they can be obtaining the true rhyme, although the entrance was somewhat bitter tea, but tea in the room to be the mouthpiece slightly stay, they can feel the tea to penetrate the teeth, Qin bleeding gums, and Gan Jin produced by the tongue tongue back, this time full of fragrant, nectar "fluid", refreshing, and body fluid overflowing, lingering thirst, which was the best experience of tea "Back to rhyme."
Health Function
Pu'er tea can reduce blood lipids, weight loss, antibacterial aid digestion, stomach, Sheng Jin, thirst, detoxification hangover and other effects. Can Qingwei fluid, digestion phlegm, detoxification hangover, diuretic and cold, cough and phlegm, lowering blood lipids cholesterol.
The crowd
Pu'er tea for children can help digestion and absorption, promote physical growth. Tea fluoride can prevent tooth decay, etc., and tea can regulate the nervous system, so that children improve attention. The adolescent bulimia, partial eclipse will lack certain nutrients. Such as zinc deficiency may lead to short stature, Mn deficiency can affect bone growth and lead to deformity. Rich tea on the growth and metabolism of essential minerals. Moderate drinking tea beneficial intestinal ease tension, strengthen intestinal motility, improve bile, intestinal fluid secretion. Pu'er tea is a popular beverage, the general population are fit to drink tea.
The first bubble: wash tea, and kung fu bubble method same principle;
Open the valve: quickly pressing the switch to open the valve in the cup, let the tea flows outer cup;
Wash Cup: tea soup with a first outer cup rinsed and drained, and help improve the mellow taste of tea;
The second bubble: tea into the boiling water again, this bubble could start drinking;
  The soup: pressing the switch to open the valve in the cup, let the tea flows outside the cup, but also if the soup is not enough to brew again, many times out of soup;
Myth Maker
Pu'er tea brewing water temperature above 90Celsius, tea aroma and taste will be more obvious. But can not be repeated boiling water, boil the water have a lot of repeated salt precipitation, precipitation of salts will suspended in water to form a white scum. Continue to boil water evaporation process, once every boil, salt concentration is increased again. These insoluble salts in itself very poor taste, and some may even react with tea ingredients occur, affecting the taste of tea. Some trace metals, such as copper, iron, the number increased to boil the water several times, they are the active ingredients and tea - polyphenols react destroy flavor. Moreover, repeated boiling water containing nitrite, generates carcinogenic amine nitrite into the human body.
Taboo tea
Pu'er tea with the bubble with drink, not tea soak for too long and then drink, avoid drinking overnight Pu'er tea.
Drink tea sub constitution. Will appear after drinking tea a little flatulence, belching, constipation as well as signs, belong to the type of physical unfit to drink Pu'er.
Avoid drinking a lot of tea after meals. In half an hour after dinner drink tea the best, if eating too little, Pu'er also should not drink.
Just the production of Pu'er tea should not drink.
Should warm to drink tea, not hot drink, cold drinks; should long drink, not interrupted; and should drink, not partial to drink; drink should be light, not thick drink.
Avoid drinking poor quality tea or deterioration tea, avoid drinking the brew too many times Pu'er tea, green tea caution cooking method can be properly cooked cooked tea drink.    
Women should not drink tea than the period as follows:
1, the menstrual period period.
2, pregnant women, pregnancy is not suitable for tea value.
3, pregnant women should not drink too much tea before labor.
4, after the production of personally breastfeeding mothers should not drink too much tea.
5, a time when menopausal women.
6, the beginning of illness people should not drink too much tea can cause physical discomfort.

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