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The Best Carbon Clincher

TT/Triathlon Wheels

The Best Carbon Tubular


Time To Make It Wider

    Now 2015 new wheels can accept 25mm wide tires. Because at the same air pressure, a wider tire encounters less resistance of rolling than a narrower tire. 
    We don`t have to make it a complicated report in this case. It is all attributed to the contact patch. At equal pressure, a 25mm tire has a "wider but shorter" contact patch, while a 23mm tire has a "slimmer but longer" contact patch. As it was very well explained by the chart below from Continetal, at the same inflation pressures and tire loads, it needs to cost more energy to deform the tire.
How is bicycle tire width related to Rolling Resistance








Spoke Air flow    When riding in a windy condition, rider has to fight against the drag from the cross wind. With bladed spokes used in most of the road wheels, the spokes become part of the drag source. To improve the crosswind performance, we make the spoke width from 3.2mm to 2.3mm, but maintain the bladed shape. It`s is a small change but cut back the contact with cross wind, without losing aero performance in none-wind condition.


     Furthermore, to cut through the air better, we change the spoke shape from a "Box" to be a "Olive", this shape is sharper on both ends, it lets the wind from ahead pass smoothly, slightly result in faster wheels spinning and riders energy saving .



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---Devote Ourselves to Your Wheels

Located in Xiamen, BladeX has every resources needed for producing the carbon bike parts. Since bunch of world well known brands produce their components in here. Having learned for over 8 years from the production of carbon fiber, now we are using the most mature and advanced production standards in the world, to bring out the highest quality carbon products, carbon material is what we are dedicated in, and we are good at it. 
We have owned whole line for carbon bicycle product developing, including mold design, mold developing, test lab, production and quality control, we are confident to produce high quality carbon products.
For several years, there is brake track issue for Clincher carbon wheels, by applying special material on the braking track, we are the first manufacturer solving this problem, now we still hold the key of this technology to make the most durable carbon Clincher wheels.
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Jesse Xiang
BladeX Cycling Components Limited 
|Mobile: 008618959267210
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|Fujian 361022, China