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Fashion zircon rings

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Zircon magical effect:

White: have good intuition and keep a clear head.

Black: that makes you more sedate and reserves of energy, can provide chances of


Purple: can stable mood increase the affinity for people.

Gold: can prosperous wealth, accumulate, easy to bring a windfall.Champagne: can

elegant and showily temperament show.

Olive: to be able to make the relationship between people more better , improve

relations with friends and colleagues.

blue: can expel the pathogens in the body, make you refreshed.

Pink: bring unexpected desires of the heart.

Orange: to be able to make your good dreams come true.

Pomegranate red:have wish you a happy, healthy body.

apple green:will let you Self-confidence,  will let you easily leave impression to the


Zircon: which is also called "zirconite", the Japanese called "hyacinth stone", English

name is Zircon.

 Zircon Sapphire is thought to have special effect on emotion, it can treat emotional

trauma, can dissolve the anxiety, restore calm calm; Sapphire in can improve people's

emotional intelligence, make the person mind is more powerful. In addition, the Zircon

sapphire is also thought to help the digestive and reproductive systems, can promote

metabolism, make the body organs more dynamic, safeguard human health; Sapphire

to hairdressing to raise colour effect, also can reduce weight.


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