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Why choose us?

There are many level quality products in the market,And One price match One quality,but we only sell the top  Quality.

The Reason of Choose Us:

1.Because we only sell fishing tackle, so more professional.

2.Cheap Price And Real Top  Quality.

3.Free Shipping

4.Big discount and Fast Shipping.

5.Send as gifts and Low value to avoid the customs problems. 

Thanks to choose our service,you are very wise.And want to know more,feel free to contact us.

Big discount product

New product Recommend

This is a new product in 2014,in order to thanks to the new and old customers,we make a big discount,and we promise the quality is very very good!you can click to see the details!

dk2000 920 400

fishing rod

Fishing reel

Fishing lure&hook

Fishing line Fishing tackle

Fishing reel

Helen recommend:

If you are beginner angler,you could choose SP1000-SP7000.

If you are skilled angler,you could choose any one below according to your need.

If you want you catch big fish,we recommend FTC3000-FTC7000,BY3000-BY7000.


  YA2000   YA3000   YA4000             SP1000   SP2000   SP3000          CYF3000   CYF4000                       AK2000   AK3000   AK4000          FTC3000   FTC4000   FTC5000 

    YA5000                                                SP4000   SP5000   SP6000                                                                    AK5000   AK6000   AK7000            FTC6000   FTC7000



      LB2000   LB3000   LB4000           HB2000   HB3000   HB4000           GS1000   GS2000   GS3000           YD2000   YD3000   YD4000            BY3000   BY4000   BY5000

      LB5000                                              HB5000                                              GS4000   GS5000   GS6000           YD5000   YD6000   YD7000            BY6000   BY7000


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