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Custom made curtain step

Anyone of the curtains like my baby  2457331_014709151205_2,when he come to your home,my duty is to decorate your home beautifuleb071227059,please do as list:
Step 1:
1-1. Measure the window size
1-2. Select the curtain processing method
1-3. Determine how many pieces you want
1-4. Tell us the result
Step 2:
2-1.Discuss and confirm your requirements with usEmail
2-2.Calculate the cost and confirm with us
Step 3:
3-1.You submit your order
3-2.Contact us to change the order amount
3-3.After the last check, you pay
We don't want anybody leave our store without finding your want,maybe you will think the per meter is too expensive,the freight fee is too high,never mind,please send us the email,we can discuss,you must will satisfation!!