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  • INCTEL Important Announcement: Change! Everywhere, innovation! Never Stop!
  • INCTEL once again top-heavy launch an innovative fanless computers to the world's leading science and technology forward to chasing a good design, the world's first, before the major brands, the first to publish the top fifth generation BroadWell fanless computer.
  • 1. The newly designed 8-layer PCB backplane design,
  • 2. Double gold-plated high-definition display output switchable VGA or DVI,
  • 3. Dual channel memory, 
  • 4. Dual channel SSD speeds up to gigabit per second,
  • 5. Dual Gigabit LAN
  • 6. Dual antenna WiFi
  • 7. Dual serial ports to meet the industry's needs
  • 8. First to support 4G modules, motherboards can be installed on the SIM card
  • 9. For the first time using high-fidelity 5.1 ACL897
  • 10. Front SD card reader every detail of excellence.
  • Meet domestic, commercial, industrial, medical, weather, advertising, and so on all kinds of industries. R & D has been fully completed prototype testing a perfect pass. Stay tuned production time for INCTEL new announcement!
  • INCTEL produced rival, the world's first publishing framework based BroadWell I5 I7 fanless mini computer
  • Super ice barbed continuation fanless cooling and dustproof design HD6000 graphics core I7 5500U chasing
  • The new design Tyrant gold
  • Simultaneous launch of a high-performance version of the Haswell processor architecture I5 4258U 28W super reference frequency 2.8G
  • Master Lu core graphics overall performance score 12,000 points extremely SSD speeds up to 14 per 100M
  • ================================================== 
  • The newly designed 8-layer PCB backplane design double gold-plated high-definition display output switchable VGA or DVI dual channel memory
  • Dual SSD speeds up to gigabit per second wireless WiFi Dual Gigabit LAN Dual dual serial meet industry needs
  • Stay tuned for the highly anticipated
  • First to support 4G modules can be installed SIM card
  • For the first time using high-fidelity 5.1 sound card on the motherboard ACL897
  • INCTEL first exclusive, forward-looking technology in the world's leading brand before the first to release a new major infrastructure strongest performance mini-server pc.




Broadwell Fanless Mini PC

Mini PC with Dual HDMI



INCTEL new improved version of the perfect market, the first free upgrade to quad-core Pentium J2850 subsequent synchronization N2920 N3510 upcoming production. After the new and improved, power head home design, more convenient and more beautiful. At the same time improve the switch-board switch design, built-in buttons, feel first-class 100% efficient, no problem switching inflexible, while onboard design LED power-on indicator, and open holes in the indicator next to the switch, at a glance. 
PA01 new and improved version of the perfect release: The new version improved the old models IN-J28B,IN-N2B,IN-N3B power head position design, more humane, more convenient, more beautiful
The new version supports dual HD output, you can simultaneously display two HD, HDMI and DVI VGA adapter flexibility can fully compatible
Improved version of switch design, plus panel embedded onboard switch buttons, feel first-class 100% efficient buttons, no corruption
The new PA01 while increasing the power indicator, and on-board LED design, the front panel switch on the right side of the LED window at a glance
Whole PC Size is 14 * 10 * 3CM











Interface design is more reasonable to support the COM port, to meet more industries
The new PA02 Whole pc size is about 17.5 * 12 * 3.5CM Weight 600g
A modified version of the new quad-core, fanless PC market
With a vertical stand, better heat dissipation
But if you required VESA Mount, then can't install 2.5-inch hard drive





N3 Linux Thin Client


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