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INCTEL PHTV IPTV XBMC HTPC Mini Pcs New Accouncement

INCTEL Products Major Announcement: Intel i5 3317u all will be upgraded into haswell i5 4200u, add extra fee $40/Each. Whole appearance does not change, the interface does not change. However, a major upgrade of internal motherboard and processor. Repeal the original three generations I5-3317U processor, a comprehensive upgrade to the 4th generation Haswell architecture i5-4200U more powerful, lower power consumption, core graphics support 4K HD output, supports dual channel memory. Three generations i5-3317u has officially completely out of the market is no longer available. 4 generation haswell architecture i5-4200u has started selling in lots. 

What is the advantage upgraded i5 CPU? 
1. CPU has been upgraded into four generations haswell architecture I5-4200U 
2. 4K HD is not only $40 to value it
3. More lower power consumption
4. More lower heat of it 
5. There are 3D graphics core upgrade performance enhancements of it 
6. There is support for dual-channel memory of it 
7. There SOC design, more reliable quality of it 
So $40 price difference absolute value, and longer life, more difficult to be eliminated, upgrade costs and then a big drop, definitely choose the new architecture value for money! 
Four generations I5-4200U cost-effective to the comprehensive elimination of three generations i5-3317U. 
Lower power consumption, but the performance was a big improvement, regardless of graphics card or CPU, all upgrade 
The new architecture is not covered 
Big enhance performance while reducing power consumption 
Master Lu 100,000 performance evaluation, 92% of the country to defeat the computer. Performance encroaching i7-4500U high priced than three generations I5-3317U only $40, the price is too low pricing, currently 90% of the retail user feedback the user to select a new i5 4200u

Intel I5 this mini pc is equivalent to free deliver with a few years usage, without spending a dime, average power of about 20W, 10 hours a day, five days a kWh, 6 degrees one month, means 12 dollars a year in China; 

Compared with traditional desktop computers, Desktop computers 700kWh, 120 dollars a year, three years $360; But our mini pc i5 three years for electricity only $36. You can save $324;

However our INCTEL mini pc i5 price range from 1** to 4** with different configurations. Buying this kind of green environmental mini pc's value is to find the balance for the "Performance and Power Consumption". This is also the value of intel pushed this kind of " Low Power Processor". 

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Hard Disk Recovery Card Solution (Extra $22)  (Mini PC, TC Terminal)  

Big Orders Contact:Contact Person: Mellissa Lau
Phone:86-013798509496    Office Direct Line:86-0755-28283753  Email:sales@inctel.com.cn www.inctel.com.cn    http://inctel.en.alibaba.com    www.htpcschina.com

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