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   Dear buyer Hello, welcome to the shop:

 This period of time, found that some customer requirements stipulated in the short time about 12 days to send goods or they will refund. Our company promises to send the client project, we will try our best to let you receive the project as soon as possible. Cannot commit to a specific time, if it is very anxious, please choose the fastest mode of transport. Otherwise it will not refund. Please consider before buying.

   We have our own factory, a promise of payment after 24 hours, we will arrange the shipment, the fastest delivery, best quality, to provide you with the best service.

   The company production of various models of leggings, bandage dress, evening dress, long dress, 3D shirts, Childrenwear etc..

Because the store before the main children's wear, has only recently begun to do, so you see a lot of product sales is not high, not the product quality problems, only the products just released, many products are updated, so we don't have any confusion.

If a one-time purchase our products more than 30, can according to the customer's country, send free DHL.UPS or EMS.


  If the one-time purchase of 5 leggings, free a leggings, you need to do is       leave a message on the order or write, tell us the order number, we will send you six Leggings.....

Bandage dress, evening dress, dress

   Disposable purchase over $100, $5 off, another gift a leggings.

Anyway, buy more, also offer more.

The company is committed to a new updated daily, please note!!!!!!!


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