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Drink , because of the simple ; drink coffee because ambiguous ; Today, most Aihe Cha , first astringent, then sweet, alcohol. Like most of the rain comes life. Smell the faint aroma of tea in the brewing of the moment, Chen Xiang drift out of the unique curl divergence . Tea as confidant, found, is a lifelong blessing. Like tea and old friends grok , meditation a Wang Quan , under the guise of a breeze , the benefits of tea accompanied by bubble to - bright color , flavor moist . Finally understand that "everyone has the hearts of Bodhi ," the truth , Sanwuzhiji , while the ancient tea road side about this , drink a " take Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain " is meant to be . Vintage tea antique tea called historic . Good quality tea, the higher the value the longer years . Like an old friend for many years , with the course of time in deep , sharp practice was increasingly muddy flavor , Xianshuang natured . Even though thousands of miles away , no need to say to each other can perceive each other 's voices. " Ya Qin Xie son of wrestling " It is this touching confidant. Su Yin monk with all sorts of Their Stories , Zen Tan is always accompanied by tea from.
       Pu'er tea can be fat, weight loss , antibacterial, help digestion , warm stomach, Sheng Jin , thirst, etc. detoxification hangover effect, so after years of sedimentation of tea like old people , experienced human vicissitudes , filtered impetuous , shaking off the burnout , leaving it Chongrubujing thorough and sophistication and open-minded .
       If guests are in the evaluation of road " To me, the most like a lonely rainy night , a cup of tea , sitting at the window , watching Falling leaves , listening to the rain Qiaochuang frames, tea in dense fog, in the light tea , the goods clear shallow bitter , like a touch of deep thoughts . "
       A cup of tea , a book, a music, a way of life ......
       Men and women are eager to be happy , peaceful , generous, just like the taste and color of fresh cool scent of tea. In numerous modern city , but also a number of peace and indifferent to life , in an oriental own way, to enjoy leisure and undisciplined , which is what the world can bring us tea . Strands of tea, is a feeling of power filtration , dilution heart long pent , let my heart ease up !
Each new share is willing to share a love of tea friend happy and healthy life !