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K9 Crystal are High quality crystals 30% lead crystals, they come in all types of colors. Perfect for Big project Chandeliers and high end chandeliers. Crystal is heavier than Glass.

LED is Light Emitting Diode, High luminous efficiency and low carbon emission. LEDS are now used commonly in all market areas from commericial to home use: standard lighting,AV,stage,theatrical,architectural,and public installations,and wherever artificial light is used.

How Wide?
Simply add the width and length of your room and use this sum as a starting point. For example, if your room is 12′x14′, we would suggest looking for a 26" wide chandelier.
How Many Lights?
Each of our sockets can carry 60 watts, but 40 watts is usually sufficient and more flattering to the chandeliers.
Smaller rooms do fine with 6 to 8 lights, but larger rooms may require 8 or more lights if the chandelier is your only light source.
What Length?
Whatever fits!
For a dining room, from your ceiling height subtract your table height, the distance you desire from the table to the bottom of the chandelier, and 4" for the ceiling hardware. This figure represents the maximum length that your chandelier can be. If your choice of fixture is shorter than this figure, you will need to use chain.
Minimum height of a chandelier is the listed length plus 4" (the total measurement of the mounting hardware plus one link of chain).  
How Far from the Table?
We advise anywhere from 29" to 34". This is high enough to be out of the way, but low enough to complement your table.
If you have high ceilings, or like tall center pieces, you may want to consider 36" or more off the top of the table.

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Made in China
At SPL's Chandelier, we make your crystal chandelier to order in our Chinese facility and ship it all over the world. Because we do our own designing and Exporting, we provide excellent quality in material and design at very competitive prices. All component pieces go through multiple inspections and are hand-matched. Our chandeliers are wonderful quality and designed to be an important and impressive part of your home.
We customize!
When you purchase from us, your fixture is built to order from our component pieces - from start to finish, and if any questions arise in the process, we will call you for clarifications. We can make changes to any of our fixtures. If something is too tall, too short, too anything... we are pleased to customize it to your tastes. Or, if you have a photo of an antique you like, please contact us .  We do not charge for the act of customization, only for the chandelier itself.
We offer expert advice.
If you email us, we will happily assist you in your selection. We will ask you a few questions about your room dimensions and ceiling height, then talk you through your preferences.
Even with this impeccable attention to customer service and detail, we are still able to deliver your made-to-order chandelier in 2 - 4 weeks. Need it quicker? We can usually accommodate you!
Over the years we've operated our business with this goal: We love you, and your family love your purchase from us!