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New Arrival Boots men

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New Arrival Boots women

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Where we are from?
    A Chinese famous shoes historical story.
    Before 1800 years, There was a young people,He live with weave straw shoes.
    Later, because of the corruption of the government, He and his friends join the justice forces against the government forces. After the hard 20 years of struggle, He finally established a national and became the head of this country. He is the famous hero Liu Bei in chinese history.

   There is another very common shoes which is made of cloth.People wear the shoes thousands of years.Vamp material is cloth.  Sole material is also be made of  cloth which overlay layer by layer, people use needle to sew them together. It is very strong.
     History shows that the shoe-making process is very fine in china, We have  the ability to produce very strong and durable shoes. Not only that, we combine the most popular style shoes.We can give each customer a unique durable shoes.
    We believe that 100 years later, you can still buy our shoes again.

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