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2014.8.21 Update price 
Lenovo price update and stock amount 
A516      8pcs white  sell $92.54
A660  80pcsOrange sell $120.99
A656   36pcs white   sell $88.99
A706    1pcs white    sell $96.99
             2pcs Black    sell $96.99
A760   45pcs black  sell $99.99
A800     8pcs White  sell $84.49
A820     4pcs white  sell $120.20
              2pcs purple sel  $108.88
A789     1pcs Black  sell $89.99
               1pcs Red    sell $89.99
A850   13pcs Black  sell $122.79
A889   12pcs white  sell $142.88
K900      7pcs silver sell $248.87
               2pcs Black  sell $248.87
P770   19pcs Black  sell $132.88
               1pcs Gray   sell $132.88
S920   12pcs white  sell $149.88
S960      7pcs silver sell $223.88
S939   12pcs black  sell $189.88
all model will add film as gift 
DG550  63pcs B/W  sell$158.88



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