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dear friend, have you remember us?

enjoy leisurely life

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moment of life

2014.4.4 3 days holiday, hope there are new chance for me.thank you for dear friends who visit our store.

2014.3.22 baby broke my computer, need buy new one, no word.

201 4.2.25 new tea flower puer tea has coming!

2014.2.13 come back from holiday, new begin, come on, everybady!!!

2014.1.10 it seems a good day for you, my first big order has finished, and balance payment has into account, and second order willbegin, and another big company have try our product, and plan to try in producing. hope everything goes well.

for foreiner friends, holiday should be finished, hope our store have a good begining in 2014.   

hope every friend visit our store, have good luck in the follow days

2013.12.24 2013 will finish soon, we need make a summary for this year's life and work.

the big harvest:all my family are healthy in this year,baby grow up with happiness. our store open,my business also begin,get the driver licence. 

next year,maybe another little sweet.our store and my business big, earn mony for big hourse.:)

come on,everybody!

2013.12.16  happy Christmas to everybody in advance

2013.12.05 discount has begin, welcome to coming!!!

2013.12.02 yesterday, visit a friend, his house is very big, and near to the sea, so beautiful. compare with my small one, i decide work hard more for more comfir life.

these days, found the price raise quickly, and we didn't update the price in time, and pay so much many for these day's order.:(

2013.11.23 gravity, it is a good film, it is alittle short, still enjoy in it.

it is a long time not share the only 2 person' world after baby.enjoy the happy time.

2013.11.17 there is new change for jerry, baby can speak more work, there are many work need to do for me.

we need learn from our life, and our fault. 

2013.11.12 there are always many meeting on monday, i don't like it, still something should be finished , but not, no word....

and my product has been producd yesterday, and file has been submitted, hope the order will finish ASAP, and goes well

2013.11.11 today is   Singles' Day      , hope lovers turn into married couples and married couples deepen the love  

2013.11.8 have come back from canton fair, and it seems a busy time and a harvest time, hope everything goes well, and hope our farmilay have good healthy

2013.10.27 today, we adjust our sighboard and some picture, it seems more beautiful, hope our store become better and better.

2013.10.23 these days are all busy day, hope can do more thing before  canton fair

2013.10.21 meet my anothe good friend, only said that time change all the thing

2013.10.19 every weekend is a tiredday, and also wast much money

2013.10.17my client reply me, it seems he can accept my price, hope my business coming. i have been our department more than one year, i need a order that encourage me, bless me!

2013.10.16 meet my best friend in university, it seems more than 10 years after university, we all become wife and mother of somebody.how times flies!

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xin yi hao

te zun

Three Squirrels

hua wei xiang(China flavour to enjoy)