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Buyers in Russia--Attention!

It is obligatory for people to have three names: a given name, a patronymic, and a family name (surname). They are generally presented in that order, e.g. Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, where "Dmitry" is the given name, "Anatolyevich" is the patronymic (whose father's name is Anatoly) and "Medvedev" (family name).
Please provide us your full name, that is, a given name, a patronymic, and a family name (surname).
Since Russia post new policy about full name and full address, please offer your full name and full address before you pay for your order. Therefore, please use your full name to place orders or your orders would be returned by Russia Post with no refund. We do not offer additional information about full name policy after you place order. 
Furthermore, your full name must be the same as the one shown on your passport.
Thanks in advance!
Sales Team
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