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Guangzhou Geren Accessories Co. Ltd. was esstblished in the last sixty's  century. The founder's father was a watch maker who was well knowed in Wenzhou, and moved to Guangzhou at the beginning of this century, and then was engaged in the familiar watch industry.

Geren Accessories Co. Ltd. designs and manufactures fashion watch ,gift watch, Antique leather wristwatch, lovers watch ,pocket watch ,mechanical pocket watch ,cartoon pocket watch and wholesale to overseas . 
Concept of our company: Human is primary capital, customer oriented, specialty achieving quality.and to build "Small elegant, High fashion” brand style.
Green company is the United States sales ranked 5 in the name of "Forever21" and "Coca Cola" supplier of the gifts suppliers and many domestic and foreign chain enterprises, trade companies, entity two wholesalers, electric business Taobao crown and other electric business platform provider.
Geren Ltd. is a group of passion, having a dream, having the responsibility of the team. "Ge" and "benevolence" is the company's entrepreneurial spirit. "Grid" represents the network, network in the future will be the most important sales channels. The network will be everywhere, network transactions will grow faster than real growth. The connotation of "humanity" is "love". Is a people-oriented "humanism". We believe that "talent" is the core asset of enterprise in the future, so we providea platform fort he  young people who has ability , ideals 
and do their best to pursuit their dreams
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