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free shipping Korean beauty magic slim thin foot patch / Beauty Detox Foot Patch health foot patch wholesale

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Item specifics

Place of Origin:
Zhejiang China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Foot Patch
Item Type:
Foot Care Tool
200pcs 1 set
Bamboo with essence, Non-woven

Product Description

 Product Introduction

free delivery Korean beauty magic slim thin foot patch / Beauty Detox Foot Patch health foot patch wholesale.jpg


Product Introduction

1, the military tribute cards foot patch (detox foot plant beauty of the original elements attached together) through the foot points, the body's moisture, toxins emitted from the first step, you can relieve tension and improve the fatigue phenomenon, improve sleep, skin quality, Sub-health is not improving, see incredible magical effects also felt, in South Korea and Japan have become the detoxification enduring beauty products, and quickly swept Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and the United States and Europe.

2, the main component of the patches is the essence of bamboo Health ---- from natural mountain bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) extract. Bamboo Health product can effectively remove body toxins and moisture for a long time, the net body skin, improve the sub discomfort. Bamboo Health has superior penetration, detoxification, sustained efficacy up to eight hours long, can be quickly discharged remain in the endocrine, intestinal tract and circulatory system of toxins and waste, remove stains, eliminate constipation and improve the fatigue phenomenon, improve sleep quality, reducing neck, shoulder, waist, back and limbs, the pressure and stiff, glossy reproduce the state of skin health.

3, the user need only affix the bottom of sleep before the foot detox foot paste, foot acupuncture meridians in the dense bamboo essence of the adsorption of Health, the toxins and waste just like the mighty Yellow River gap, a large number of stream discharge, the effect magic, and expel toxins shocking.

4, the toxins are removed, to make warming your body temperature, blood circulation, lymphatic drainage good, soft, natural muscle recovery, the skin appeared out of the brilliance and charm people, to make you as lively and radiant.

5, the patches used in the sleep time, the effect is good, because the average body sleep in the same horizontal line, circular effect is greatly increased, the patches have a magic to promote the function of sleep.

6, foot detox natural paste disinfection, promote metabolism, beautify the skin, fatigue, safe and effective, it must try, to experience the effect! It is a medicine bag patch, although the shape of traditional Chinese medicine has great acupuncture, plasters, cupping effect.


Applicable to groups of people

1, the beauty of thin crowd;

2, constipation, bad breath, body odor, foot odor;

3, sub-health status groups;

4, computer workers, work pressure, long-irradiated groups;

5, prolonged standing, walking by;

6, neck, shoulders, waist, legs, pain, swelling the crowd;

7, feet, legs fatigued.

Main function
1, detoxification beauty, slimming beauty body clean, promote metabolism, enhance immune function;

2, promote sleep, relieve fatigue, improve constipation, bad breath and abdominal distension phenomenon, slim shape;

3, removal of the body of impurities, purifying blood, improve pigmentation, acne, body odor, foot odor;

4, the body get rid of moisture, foot or quickly reduce the pressure on joints;

5, activation of cells, reproduce healthy skin, shiny state, anti-aging;

6, balance the body organ function, blood lipids, blood pressure, blood sugar and gradually returned to normal.

Rationale for the use of machine
1, the military tribute posted on the plantar foot detoxification and related reflex zones in the role of the meridian, bamboo and other ingredients penetrate the essence of Health and to participate in the circulatory system, the body of the loop during the process of adsorption of cells from the toxin retention in the foot meridian acupuncture points and reflex-related (or other joints) to the body's waste, liquid waste and oil from the point of capture, and troubleshoot Health bamboo bag, effective product to remove the body of toxins and moisture for a long time, fantastic, stable, lasting effects are felt visible.

2, a short time to eliminate skin pigmentation, acne, improve constipation, elimination of bad breath, smelly feet, slim shape, lower blood lipids, blood pressure, blood sugar, improve skin luster, improved sleep and aging. Attached to the joints can play a role in eliminating pain and fatigue, arthritis, cervical go far have very good results.

3, the patches will be the body's moisture, toxins emitted from the foot, the effect is directly visible, brown liquid out of the shocking foot, body fat can also be broken down into fat ion, pull out from the foot to achieve weight loss function, the effect is obvious.

4, the patches from the body of water pumped out of unnecessary, lymph, after oil becomes turbid liquid, when you feel tired or have pain, uncomfortable places, Citie, the paste will change to brown or black bags brown, waste oil, waste water being sucked out of all.

5, the elderly rheumatoid common cold pain, swelling, stiff legs, sink legs, sprains, etc., will be posted very good results after all, through detoxification, the pain will ease the swelling will disappear, for shoulder pain, backache, joint pain and other symptoms was reduced.

Why Detox Foot Patch (full quote) to liposuction liposuction and its principles (slim shape effect):
Health Moso bamboo is extracted from the white crystalline powder, the formula: C9H10N2O - O2PH value of 2.0-3.0, molecular beam is very small, the structure is very unstable, when the temperature was when the foot becomes very active, easily and fatty substances such as CnH2n + react to form a solid structure, the white bamboo Health due to absorption of fat solid waste into a black paste, and distributed a special smell, and in other parts of the human body effects are not so obvious. Due to personal physical difference, 20-30 days of continuous use, bamboo Health color change performance: black, brown ,olorless pale yellow. At the same time you will really feel refreshed the whole person, body has never been and light!

The patches in the most important ingredient is the bamboo Health powder, bamboo powder is a kind of Health from bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) is called out of bamboo to extract the oil refinery near the oil-like liquid material. Because bamboo oil has almost oily nature of liposuction Detox foot patch is based on similar principles of compatibility and lymphatic capillaries in the body the site of intensive oil sucked out of the blood plasma, blood plasma density sustained decrease fat, fat oil-ion diffusion into the blood will continue to go, and then continued to be sucked out, and therefore can reduce the fat to achieve weight loss.

Slimming principle:
Obesity is not any fall from the sky, but eating habits and living habits of the human body caused by an inertial balance, that is repeated habits to keep their weight in the consumption and absorption Zhenghao an equal status, because only the weight and the Na Zheng Hao species of living and eating habits match, all the cells over time are included in this status. Even if the short-term movement or change in diet can not be memory cells can not break the inertia of the inertia of the body balance, cell memory function also determines the inertia of the difficulty of weight loss. When you try to diet or exercise to try to break this balance, in violation of every cell of your body's memory, it will stimulate the brain cells to make "protest." To be very hard to accept the feeling, but if you want to lose weight to be broken cells, such inertia approach is the insistence of about three months, so you cut down the body to the satisfaction of the state after the balance and generate cell memory (because the body cells will be completely replaced every three months once) so as not to will rebound.
The effect is thin enough to paste the above theory, the patches of liposuction, without violating the cells under the premise of inertia, increasing the daily excretion of body fat, breaking the body absorb and consume the balance every day, so you period of time, do not bear the pain of too much inertia violation of cells, to achieve weight loss weight-loss results.

Whether obesity is caused by a variety of toxic silt spots, inflammation, patients tend to spend more time, the body's cells existing records all your custom functions (professional term called "the body's orientation detoxification"), even if short-term improved physical condition would be very effective, but if immediately stop using the residual cells of the original record of the information used, you will gradually restore the situation, which is also a variety of chronic, recurrent mechanism, so we recommend customers To persist in using the full 3 months, because the body cells of the body three months to complete the update, so that newly formed cells in the human body without the unhealthy residues memory to avoid the rebound and relapse, so no matter what school do all good " foundation of the Hundred Days, "is the truth.


1, first clean the skin surface, the essence of the detoxification package printing paste to the chip side of the central location, close to the skin while side vents, and a day care before going to bed capacity will be affixed affixed detoxification foot (sleep body lying on the circulation of the best), 8 hours later or the next morning when lowered, and then wipe with tissue paper or rinse skin. (Fixed ventilation torn off when the patch will not feel the pain)

2, before going to bed the pads on the corresponding acupuncture points on the plantar surface of the skin or not, you can get up after the win. Paste when the positive and negative points, set foot obvious holes facing, printing stickers stuck on the smooth surface. Plantar reflex points corresponding to the medicine bag, stick tight and fixed to the foot perimeter glue, glue soft and no foreign body sensation.

3, use the patches, the bag powder suction waste oil, waste oil and other toxins into a sticky-like, and change from white to brown or dark brown, the body of toxins that have been discharged. Poor health, the deeper the color, there will be more water or oil discharge.

4, the product attached to the foot points and meridians have a lot of waste oil at medium density and other toxins, patch pocket will become brown, dark brown or black; attached to the acupuncture points or fewer joints will be based on disease severity of the discharge very few toxins, patch pocket change will be reduced; paste patch pocket at no point will not change. With the patches increase in the frequency of use, the discharge of toxins from the body began to be continuously reduced to a faded patch pocket does not change, the gradual recovery of the function body to normal health.

5, to reduce neck and back pain, in addition to paste outside the soles of the feet, neck and back pain sites have posted.

6, wipe the soles of the feet with a tissue after use adhesive areas.

Dosage: 24 posts a course of treatment is recommended to use two consecutive courses, everything changed after the maintenance of the normal amount (2 times per week 4), persist in using the full 3 months.

Distribution of each affixed stickers are an ultra-thin breathable tape

Foot Detox

Detonation of a new revolution in the 21st Century Health & Beauty

"Foot Patch" detoxification beauty hot paste popular in Japan the world seize the Chinese can not help but try not to be missed
"Foot Patch" detoxification beauty stick, foot detox from Japan, the principle of the medical profession for 26 years of painstaking research on bamboo: a tall, thick bamboo daily lessons from 3-4 tons of underground water, bamboo The essence of heaven and earth, bamboo fluid absorption with excretion of toxins from the body functions. According to this theory, researchers from intake of high temperature bamboo bamboo barbecue fluid, and then purified by crystallization of high-tech handle, made of bamboo powder, liquid, together with other plant extracts and tourmaline emits far-infrared and other ingredients, made it very incredible efficacy of detoxification and foot stick of bamboo liquid enough.

"Foot Patch" detoxification beauty stick bamboo vinegar on the main ingredient is the essence of mountain bamboo through a high temperature above 1000 Degrees Celsius
 obtained by distillation, containing more than two hundred dozens of organic ingredients and minerals, has anti-mosquito, anti-itching
, deodorant, insecticide, sterilization and other effects, bamboo vinegar on its own small molecule, water has reduced the role of the high penetration of the skin can be thoroughly remove dirt, toxins. Bamboo vinegar extract, rich in a variety of active elements, has a very strong adsorption capacity of the toxin, Ph value was about 3, sterilization and strong penetration force, use of night sleep time, the effect is magical. Because the average body sleep in the same horizontal line, circular effect is greatly increased, the body of waste easily dissolved, increase the proportion of water, discharged by foot. (Water poisoning body of people: feeling cold feet, insomnia, foot Yan colorless, oral mucous membrane swelling, pain, itching horizontal teeth, urinary frequency, sweating, headache, rheumatic natural reason, back pain and other features) in bamboo vinegar foot Yongquan the stimulation of the essence, toxins and waste just like the turbulent Yellow gaps, a large number of stream discharge, the effect is magical. Eliminate toxins, so that your body temperature and increase blood circulation, lymphatic drainage good, soft, natural muscle recovery, and the skin of people out luster and show the charm and energetic, radiant.

Restaurant sales for authentic Korean version of the military contribution to the patches, detox best, stick with the market compared to the other foot, the military contribution to Korean version of the patches significant effect.

Post once a day (before going to sleep stickers, won after getting up) each posted a two feet at the same time, every day, the effect appeared in three phases.

The first stage: places accumulate toxic, moisture gradually discharged, the body easily, eliminate bloating and constipation, improve sleep quality. (24 days)

Phase II: in vivo accumulation of toxic places, the basic discharge moisture, improve immunity, promote metabolism, gastrointestinal function enhancement, to eliminate bad breath, foot odor, body sculpting results show, blood fat, blood pressure, blood sugar, Dodge facial pigmentation, renal function strengthen and effectively regulate the endocrine. (1-3 months).

The third stage: This stage of consolidation effects, the patch color fades and the body back to normal health, and enhanced, blood, body type and internal organs have been effectively improved, eliminating stains, acne, anti-aging . (3-6 months)

1, detox foot patch points to the body through the foot moisture, toxins emitted from the first step, you can relieve tension and improve the fatigue phenomenon, improve sleep, skin and sub-health problem, see the incredible magical effects also felt, has been in South Korea and Japan to become the detoxification enduring beauty products, and quickly swept Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Europe and the United States. Although it is a medicine bag patch shape, has great traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, plasters, cupping the role!

2, the use of safe, convenient and effective, just before going to bed will be affixed to the foot detox patches (or does not apply to it), acupuncture meridians intensive foot cream in a variety of adsorption, the large flow of dark brown discharge toxins, the effect is magical, shocking.


1, For external use only, skin allergies, wounds, eczema, rash do not use site

2, such as skin discomfort, stop using, to use it later to be restored

3, as soon as possible after opening and store in dry and where the reach of infants and young children

4, this product can be conditioning physiological function of women, so women can rest assured that use of menstrual period

5, individuals with different physical conditions, reaction and progress, the amount varies

Pathological analysis:
Drug sources:

(External and internal students) living outside of the drug is toxic substances in the environment such as air, water, industrial waste, garbage, bacteria and other pollution, the toxicity was due to endogenous life stress, mental stress, Yongnaoguodu Shu angry feelings go rather caused by imbalance of yin and yang, qi and blood barrier, accumulation of toxic fire. These toxins are absorbed over time, the accumulation of toxic places more and more body to break down, weakening the ability of toxins, leading to aging, pigmentation, minimalist looking, Shenpi fatigue, irritability, bad breath, constipation, body weakened organs. Body at sub. Severe cases can lead to human disease.

Aging, pigmentation, acne

Toxin attacks the endocrine, blood, circulation, metabolism, sebaceous glands and other systems of the body hair follicles of normal metabolism, invasion, surface, causing skin pigmentation, roughness, pigmentation increased, resulting in acne, wrinkles, premature aging skin. Modern medical research has revealed that the accumulation of toxins in the body can seriously poison the body's tissues and organs, damage to various parts of the function, constant, daily, leading to endocrine, metabolic, autonomic nervous, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular dysfunction. Accelerate the aging process! Research found that the Japanese has always been the habit of detoxification, which is why the Japanese live longer than the world average level of over 10 years old! Therefore, experts warned that people should wash your face every day as often as removing toxins, can bring back to health and youth.

Bad breath

Bad breath is mouth emitting a disgusting, embarrassing himself as bad breath. Do not underestimate the problems of bad breath, it will make people produce social disorder, and even lead to inferiority complex, it is very distressed. This is because toxins accumulate in the digestive system when Buneng emergency discharge odor of corruption, and even lead to bloating, constipation, irritability, loss of appetite, self and other symptoms of poisoning.


According to the results of academic seminars sub data released showed that 70% of Chinese people now belong to health groups. The human body every day through breathing, eating and skin contact with poison absorbed from the outside world, etc., plus daily metabolic wastes, toxins, constant, daily in the blood circulation, respiratory, digestive, endocrine system, accumulate and damage the body tissues and organs, causing the spirit tired, upset, irritability, memory loss, unresponsive, lack of concentration, inefficiency and other undesirable situation ... ...

The patches received mixed reviews, used customers to know true and false, so more and more customers.
1. Why beat up the water will be black: foot by foot intensive posted at the suction point out the body's toxins and waste moisture, because the water is pumped out of the water, tilting it and is somewhat similar to the effect after wet .

2. Some people think that is a foot out of the emerging changes in the sweat, you can stick with the front and back feet, the next day to see that the front stickers affixed to the role because of the patches change color to oil, while the opposite was affixed stickers because there is no hole so the patches no effect or no change. If it is wet with sweat, the role should be two words are wet.

3. If that is the temperature change from the foot can be attached to a paste in a piece of the thigh to see if the same body temperature is not the same reaction occurs. If only a foot from the same temperature change in the words of other parts of the same not reflect the temperature.


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Packaging Details

Unit Type:
Package Weight:
2.000kg (4.41lb.)
Package Size:
15cm x 10cm x 8cm (5.91in x 3.94in x 3.15in)


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Packaging Details

Unit Type:
Package Weight:
2.000kg (4.41lb.)
Package Size:
15cm x 10cm x 8cm (5.91in x 3.94in x 3.15in)


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