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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 1 bus
Nice router conception. But OpenWrt firmware looks incomplete for these model. There is NO USB/microSD support (no usb/storage modules installed), Router have old kernel version. There is ~3Mb free space for packages.. I install all packages for USB-storages, but still cant mount USB_drives(( This router locked for LTE networks and if you does not have 4G coverage, you would not connect... i find how to change internal modem from 4G to 3G.... in file '/usr/bin/cm' you need to edit (using hex-editor) at-command from: AT+COPS=0,,,7 to AT+COPS=0,,,2 and then router can connect via 3G network. Seller tries to help. Delivery to Kiev, Ukraine takes 15 days (via Singapore Post, i contact to seller for ask this shipping method).. Real rate 3-4 stars, sorry (router has problems for me on start, which i solve after 3 days).. But routing functionality 3G => WIFI works fine.