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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 1000w bike kit
Super great seller! I initially had a problem with the controller, but the seller really came through. Great communication, support, fast delivery of replacement part and all around superb service. I can not recommend the seller enough. Thank you. Top notch!!
I am Very Pleased with my Conversion kit so far I have not been able to try it out so but When I placed my order I was communicated with Right away and all my questions and concerns were answered and I was sent several messages with information about the kit and links to the manual and the operation and maintenance of everything (Very Helpful) and I received the Kit within 10 days Delivered to the Greater San Francisco Bay Area Of California United States Everything looks in good condition and as soon as I can get the Battery, charge it and plug it in I will Be 100% Satisfied As of right now for my very first purchase off of Aliexpress I have to say Passion E-Bikes and especially Wendy of that store have made my experiences to be Excellent and I look forward to future interaction with Wendy and purchases from Passion E-Bikes using my Aliexpress App Thank you (Double thumbs Up ) with 5 Stars
Wow, delivery time amazing and the quality is good and easy installate, everything is ready and the service they give you is great. Everything is amazing, they help you in everything.
Battery is working as described although I did not get a chance to open the pack and check the brand of the batteries yet. I wil certainly buy from this seller again
The seller and I had a few small problems, but in the end everything was good , and I DONT think it was there fault, just a mix up . I will leave more info on the product after a few test rides , it looks like the offset is a lot less than the standard one , I guess that could be a good thing or bad thing depending on your most used gear on the cassette.