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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 100w speaker
I'm digging this Bluetooth speaker! The size is nice and the sound output is great. The buttons on top make it easy for adjustment of volume, etc. I also dig that the usb cord has the aux cord and power cord together. The speaker was easy to hook up with bluetooth.
I just got my speaker. Very fast delivery. So far, I love it. It instantly connected via Bluetooth to my phone, with no issues - unlike most Bluetooth speakers I have had in the past. It can get loud, you must adjust the volume on your phone which I did not realize at first. feature is fantastic - perfect for camping, I can not wait to use it this summer.
The product is as advertised but without retail box. Shipping was late and seller didn't answer me at all. Once the package was shipped, though, the item arrived fast and well packed.
The reciever works very well and the Sound Quality seems to be not much different from normal wired Connection. I am running it connected to a Yamana RX V663 and an Radiotechnica S90 stereo-Setup. Android, IPhone and Bluetooth 4.1-enabled Windows Computer as sources. All works well, but switching between devices is a little bit tricky.
The product is pretty nice, fully compatible with JBL Radial Micro. Sound quality is pretty decent, I don't hear difference between it and wired connection. But there are two issues: 1. Every time before some sound starts, you can hear low frequency "boop". It can be pretty loud if speakers set on high volume. 2. It goes into deep sleep after about a hour, and you can't wake it up unless you turn it off and on again.