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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 1080p sjcam
I am very happy with the purchase, the seller's publication promises, but when you have the product in your hands, you realize that the reality exceeds the publication, in the publication it looks smaller but it is bigger. The belt clip was broken and the solution to the problem was quick by the seller. The wait was great, but this does not depend on the seller but on the courier companies. I recommend the seller broadly.
Good afternoon, I'm happy with the product every way I would not order it. However, when I received a package that was neat and packaged, I noted that "Fixed Back Clip was broken. Since I do not know how to solve this situation, would I ask you to help me with this? What to do??? Hello and I wish you a nice day!
extremly quick service, received 10 days before forcasted date. very good packaging too. Concerning the machine I can't say anithing because not tested yet. But I don't expect problems. If so, I'll add a coment. thanks a lot for your good service.