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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 120 degree camera
Product was very easy to install. Done within 5 mins. Picture quality 480p. Nice and crisp enough for the purposes for the daylight (or lighted) conditions. Also has a wide-angle-lens, so this gives a perfect view.
a little bit difficult to connect to wifi, but at least managed it. if you know how it is absolutly easy and the cam has works great and has great features!!!!
The camera it self is a docent product but the 12v. Plug is a weary bad! Father 2 week of every day use the 12v plugin fall a part! I had to change it! But the camera is a good quality!
Item is very compact. It was a challenge to change the language from Chinese to English.According to description there should be an integrated battery ("Battery : 3.7V/100MA Lithium battery"), but not sure, if this is true. The picture quality is not fully as expected - unable to recognize/read out/ the plate number of a car if distance is higher than 5 meters.
It's a nice technology for car making blindspots a thing of the past. The only problem I encountered was calibrating the side cameras as there's no "U adjustment tool" which is intended for adjusting the side cameras.