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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 12v 6a
Dear, The product works fine, satisfied. out of 10 pieces , 1 piece is faulty light does not get off if the setting is kept on minimum. Kindly, give me a solution Maunang Patel
Delivered to Moscow in few days (shipped from RU), packed very well, everyting inside is good as well: several adapters for different batteries, 80W power adaptor included. I started from device disassemble - PCB washed satisfactory, 90% of solderings are good. My personal recomendation for long and fault-free use is to desolder most of TH solderings and re-solder them back with good Pb solder and flux, then wash board thoroughly once again. My device power on test passed, currently testing by discharging automotive starter battery. So far so good.