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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 14v ac adapter
The goods has arrived quickly, at all did not expect so early. Packing pleases, accurately and reliably. To the goods of claims is not present. Looks qualitatively, I hope will work also well as looks. Has checked up, works!!!Only one lack, loudly peeps. I recommend the seller to all wishing to make the order. The seller fast accurate and executive. Big to you thanks for so fast sending and delivery of the goods.
First one I received did not work, I reacted towards the seller and they immediatly seneblad a new one which works perfect! Thank you very much, I am very plezier with the service!!
came very fast to NZ. the plug fits well, better than the one we replaced. it has a tiny light that glows during charging which I like, that way the kids don't leave it on overnight.
I tracked the order. The processing at the store is very fast. Except for the time it takes to travel between countries which took 9 days. This is ok as long as the transport fee is kept as low as possible.
Works like a charm! I can finally use my little laptop again! I had hoped that the other part of the charger was there as well (the c5 power cord) but considering that different parts of the world use different plugs it is understandable that it wasn't included. It came after about 2 weeks - it felt like forever only because I hardly could wait.