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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 18500 battery
The charger is fully functional. The presence of indication of the current voltage makes it easier to control the charge. I would like in the future, see an extended version of this charger, namely, the presence of the following functions: 1) temperature control to complete the charging process; 2) the ability to choose a charging current from 100mA (for a normal charge of a small capacity battery) 3) the battery charge in the storage mode (now you can stop charging manually, watching the voltage indicator) Purchase is satisfied! Thank you to the seller for the quality product, beautiful and practical packaging! I wish success in business and look forward to interesting new products!
I want to test these machines for CBD E-liquids. The result is, that it is total waste of money. The product looks good itself, but usage is completelly different story... Too low portion of smoke and almost none taste. Maybe good for nicotine liquids ( did not tested). I do not recommend it as cheap alternative to more expensive originals. Sorry guys, it is not the fault of the shop. I think product has never been tested for its purpose. The makers needs to do their homework and improve it a lot. The seller deserves 100%, product 10%.