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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 18650 2.1a
description accurate, alluminum shell with circuit board and plastic cover/button. communication with the seller was fluent and fast. the board came damaged and the seller kindly sent me a replacement one. I definitely recommend the store and the seller.
good but you can obtain not more than 1 amp from this cheap without too much dropping voltage.. for price is ok. input current very slow about 0.2 amp and USB port of 2A is opposite that seller show in his picture.
The board arrived fast compared to other deliveries from China. I've extensively tested the module and it's working good. Recommended, if you are in a need for such a module !!!
A charger circuit ME4056 connected directly to battery and booster FP6293a, no extra control circuit. If power to the load is always supplied through this device, as an UPS, it may provide a few hundred mA to the load in the worst case (chargeing and delivering load current at the same time) - far from the 1-2A mentioned, due to limited charging current. Gets very warm, above 120C, after a minute at 1.8A out, may be a problem. Output 5.25V, stable. Under voltage protection (in booster) probably 2.2V according to chip specs, too low. Booster efficiency ok. Will experiment with additional diodes and an approx 6 V power supply, to provide the power, by bypassing this unit, in the normal situation. Probably better to buy a charger and a (variable) booster separately. Fast delivery.
Ordered 17.06.2018, shipped 20.06.2018 Logistics Information: AliExpress Standard Shipping Shipping to Ukraine: Omniva Shipping in Ukraine: Meest Express With tracking number and high-standard delivery (19 days). First-rate service. Would buy again, many thanks.