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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 2 column
Received it fast in 10 days with a USB gift The products' sound quality is satisfying (the bass is perfect). I ordered it for my 4.5 years old son to work with his ipad and he's very happy to have it. It was a morning surprise for him and he loved it.
this speaker is super cute, tiny, and produces a decently loud sound. I love listening to music from my phone but my phone doesn't get that loud. Which it isn't meant to. Plus I dislike having to put headphones on. So this speaker comes in handy. It is loud and hooks up with ease to my phone via bluetooth. Also small enough I can carry it around in my purse if I'd like to take it with me to work or wherever.
My son loves to watch on his iPad and I wanted something small, so I can bring it with me no matter where I am. I also wanted it small, so I could carry it in my bag. This speaker is just a perfect size! It charged fully in 20 minutes. And it paired easily. That sound in this is LOUD as well! The sound comes out crisp and clear. The base is deep and loud. Easy to connect with your phone via Bluetooth and once they are charged they can easily last for hours.
I'm digging this Bluetooth speaker! The size is nice and the sound output is great. The buttons on top make it easy for adjustment of volume, etc. I also dig that the usb cord has the aux cord and power cord together. The speaker was easy to hook up with bluetooth.
I just got my speaker. Very fast delivery. So far, I love it. It instantly connected via Bluetooth to my phone, with no issues - unlike most Bluetooth speakers I have had in the past. It can get loud, you must adjust the volume on your phone which I did not realize at first. feature is fantastic - perfect for camping, I can not wait to use it this summer.