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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 2 meter radio
It's not the first time that I buy from this seller and I always satisfied with product and service. Delivery took only 2 weeks, from 07.04 to 21.04. Packaging is well made, so the car arrived in perfect condition. I bought it for my son who asked me one . Design is amazing, I really love it. The car is easy to use, all the details are good imagined ( the place for the batteries is easy to open and close). In the "ball" you have un instruction in English and in Chinese, it easy to understand, there is a lot of pictures. My son is happy with it, I'll add the pictures next. I satisfied with my order and I recommend this shop for the people who search for good products and service of quality !
I recieved it properly packed but not a single user manual or layout. You have to connect it to a monitor /tv or something to switch language to English thats a bit gambeling because its standard is Chinese takes a little trial and error how to navigate. WiFi is not a option in the menu! Fm radio couldent test it there was no antenna so i onley get static.. There are several options for playback picture showing wtc.. But since there's no user manual you have to discover it yourself. I've had onley mp4 movie it didn't work format was not correct. Didn't try another yet. The 12 volt board works, aux in not tested yet, overall its a reasonable device for the price. Great for building stuff like a mini player whitch fits in your pocket. Minus is that you have to find everything out yourself..