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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 2.1 amp
Very interesting, my board is revision 2.2 and is different from the picture. Stereo amp is CS8575S with 2x3.2W at 4Ohm and 5V power supply. Sub amp is CS8509 with 2.65W at 4Uhm and 5V power supply. Revision 2.2 board is with micro-usb connector and input capacitator. Have to test it how it sounds.
I haven't test it yet...I'll upload images and aditional feedback when i install it. So far it looks ok. Oh and it came pretty fast to Belgrade, Serbia - two and a half weeks.
Amplifier it's good, but audio quality is low. I need use equalizer app in phone. I received package 41 days, because are problem to excize. Potentiometer is not eventy to motherboard.
good an clear sound but the bass was very weak, my sub was 4ohm-18w and i did not hear any sound from my sub, and there is not any led power?