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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 20000 mah
I’m Very impressed with the speed i received this bike light, it really is very bright, seems to be close in brightness to my car headlights which I’m surprised about, it has three settings high medium (which is far brighter than my previous bike light) and strobe, looks very well made (aluminium body no plastic) the only things I would say cold be better are the connector in the power cable to the battery would be better closer to the battery (so it could be kept out of the weather easier, but it is plenty long enough in total) the front light has to be bolted to the handlebars and can’t be taken off the bike when you lock the bike up to go to work or whatever you have to leave it on the bike ( but the bracket is solid it’s not going to fall off ! ) and the rear light is very plastic no where near the quality of the front light all in all it’s excellent well worth the money and arrived so quickly, I would very strongly recommend this to anyone