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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 3 in laser pointer
I only need the black light for some kind of geocaches but I love this product, easy to use and has a perfect size for my toolbox. Fast delivery, whitin 2 weeks.
Seems good. Recharges, has a blue charging light on the bottom. Decent build quality though the clip doesnt have a place to go (I dont use it anyways so I left it off). Light is reasonably bright, laser works. Its whats expected. For anyone wondering, its slimmer than a AA battery and no longer than 2 triple a batteries.
Great mini laser pointer. I bought it especially for this purpose and I'm satisfied. It is not 303 laser of course but it is fully visible even from greater distance. The flashlight is rather weak, so don't expect much here. UV light is ok, it shows money water signs when there is no so many light around. The quality is really good and worth the money. I recommend buying it as a pointer with some additional features.