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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 3.5mm in ear earbuds
Delivered in Norway after 22 days, and item seems to be according to description. Tested with a phone and works OK on first try. No long term use yet, but for the price I do not expect them to last for ever
Earphone voice is good but not very loud that i was expecting, voice seems to be limited, i mean its loud but not extra loud, but at the end very good earphone with great voice quality with this price.
AWESOME in ears,, I own the Shure Se535 but I really prefer this one. No joke. Nice bass and loud! The fits are ok, this is the only thing for me that could be improved. Highly recommend. very fast delivery!
The sound is great, but the jack doesnt go the whole way through and it comes out at the slightest touch and also the delivery wasnt that speedy, but apart from that everything else is fine.
The item was packaged nice and neatly. Now for the review of the earphone, it sounds great for heavy vocals song, some further testing needs to be done to see what else in store but overall I'm satisfied to purchase this earphone for 10 USD.