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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 340 arrow carbon
I ordered 24 shafts with 600 spine deflection (32 inch). For the price, I am satisfied with these shafts, however, there was a large variance of spine between them all, and the GPI (grains per square inch) was not exactly as advertised, but the shafts came in close to each other in weight regardless. The shafts ranged in spine deflection from 630 to 572, a fairly large tolerance if you ask me. There were 6 shafts between 600-630 spine, 6 shafts between 590-599 spine, and 12 shafts between 572-589 spine. These shafts claim to have 5.5 GPI. These were 32 inches, so the shafts should have been close to 176 grains, however, the average weight was around 187 grains. The shafts ranged in weight from 185.2-189.0 grains. That make the weight tolerance 3.8 grains, which is pretty good. Lastly, the shafts all measured very consistently. All inner diameters were 6.2mm, but all outer diameters were 7.2mm, not 7.6mm as advertised. Not a problem, just an observation.
As pictured and described. These are very straight and durable arrows I hit a rock with one from a 55 pound recurve and it did not crack. This is my second order.