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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 35mm film
Packed very reliably, delivered fast enough to Moscow. Delivery took less than 2 weeks including long March 8th holidays. Already tried the scanner with color negatives. Menu is nothing sophisticated. However, it took a while to get adjusted to the device and navigation through the menu. Quality of the 'scan' is fair enough. Some color dusturbances as compared to photographs made using the same negatives. I think the referenced disturbances could be readily rectified using any photoeditor. The final size of the file with 135 film and 22 Mpixel resolution is about 3 Mb which is not bad. My main target is to digitize color slides. Have not tried yet. Hopefully the scanner will perform similarly as with the color negatives. Fair quality at fair price. If this is what you want, I highly recommend the device and the seller.
The seller sent the goods quickly, and it reached 16 days that this is considered fast for us. It was well packaged. The items well equipped, well scanned and have the ability to manage colors and improve the quality of the snapshot. I am very satisfied
it took only a week to arrive , which is very quick ! it was packaged very well and there is no damage to the film as a result. very excited to use it ! thank you for delivering the product quickly & safely c:
Kind of very good thing. But, unfortunately the brush was not too strong... it does not clean from the dust properly, and unfortunately I was trying to use some spirit on it to clean up a little bit better, but I have found out that the thickness of the cleaning surface of the brush is way too thin, so now my brush is not so good. I have tried to find the negative scanner brush in stores to buy a new one, but was not succeeded.
This is a very slick little gizmo and makes converting old images into JPG with only the touch of a single button. No need to connect it to a computer -- it generates clear copies directly to the SD card. Wonderful!