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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 360 camera p2p
Nice camera, I kinda wish it had a better way of mounting, the mounting holes just open into the the main camera body and may be a place water can enter the camera, I am going to seal with lots of Silicone, the camera works with Blue Iris, I found a forum post saying to set the camera to IPCX and camera model to TC28251080-P port 34567, then set the rtsp address to port 554 and "channel=1_stream=0.sdp", on my camera there is a 12v socket at the end of its cable but its unplugged inside the camera with no place to connect it, my camera is POE only, I am going to place some small desiccant packs inside the camera to help with any fogging that may happen, shipping was fast at just one week.
Camera is fine but unfortunately the sound is not clear and the mobile app does not connect easily, you have to try many times to make it working which is frustrating