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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 360 hd camera
arrived to Israel super fast. Image quality is good (make sure to define it through the app). Rotation speed can be defined. Requires an external SD card. I'm satisfied :) only thing npt matching the description is the company, but who cares..
After getting the parcel from the costums (please provide an ivnoice on the outer side of the parcel when you ship to the EU next time) I was keen to find out if the camera was working. Installation was very easy. just plug (or srew) and play. The app, however, is not optimized for ios on iphone (x and 8) but is still working. I was unable to connect the camera to the wifi network eventhough motions sensor and LED was working. After contacting the seller, they helped me out and gave me an instruction on how to connect the camera. Now it is working very good, and I am using the camera on 2 iphone simultaniously. Thank you for this nice item!
Very nice product with quite a few useful attachments. I am using it to watch over my cat when I am at work in my office. Absolutely helpful and would recommend it to friends.
The camera reached India fast and delivered in tact. Connecting the camera with network and mobile app was a piece of cake & well documented. The rotation and IR night vision work perfectly. The picture quality is crispy on Standard Definition mode too and video runs smooth. Seller is very polite, kind and responsive. Item and seller, both recommended. *I have already order one more camera :)*
The camera with only 64MB RAM and no hardware light sensor as in original version. Looks like the end switches on the rotation mechanism were removed as well. If buying to hack will be problematic a bit as not all functions will work, example is auto night mode won't work or Full HD video won't be possible due to 64MB RAM.