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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 360 video
very happy with this, wanted one for a long time!! great material, i can see this will last for years. and my phone fits. i have a mi 4s :) the Bluetooth works well!!! so handy , 5 stars
amazing product and worth to buy.. buy large size one which can help to hold dslr camera also. also it comes with go pro fixute.. only one bolt is missing to hold go pro.. otherwise product is awesome..
delivery was so quick, 18 days to Winnipeg, Canada. Quility so poor, but for first time of novice, just for deside if I need it. Big clip of one leg broke at first time of use.
Goods OK delivered in 14 days. The Honor 10 also holds in the holder, and everything stays in place, even though the legs move very easily in the joints. The knuckle of the phone holder is set to ease the movement, not the feet. I'm curious how long the tripod will last, because most of it is made of plastic. Otherwise I recommend the money as well as the seller.
Very nice product with quite a few useful attachments. I am using it to watch over my cat when I am at work in my office. Absolutely helpful and would recommend it to friends.