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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 360 vr video
Good quality and easy to setup. I believe it's the best 360 camera on the market within that price range. I am very happy with the purchase. If you try to use a 64Gb memory card with the camera and get a 'SD ERROR' message, make sure to use SD Memory Card Formatter (freeware) to format the card.
The delivery was fast. I didn’t expect only 3 days for an international shipment. The camera is exactly what I want, 4K video, inside Gimble, microSD card. I need a selfie stick.
I received this item in good time. I put it in front of my door so that I can take care of my house when I go out. I follow the instruction but not success.The seller send me the detail of install and it works. I can watch it from my phone, control the light easily. There are two-way audio so that I can hear the sound via my phone and talk. Surprised!! It's pretty clearly and I would like to purchase again.