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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 360 waterproof camera
Very impressed. This goods run very quick and better than other Wi-Fi camera that sold on Lazada in Thai shop with the price. Also it’s application very quick as well. I recommend for this product.
Exactly same as description. And I am satisfied to fast delivery, about 20 days.But I think it is hard to find something in the dark place. it need more light in a dark place because of a lack of its own light.
The camera worked well with Synology Surveillance Station. All PTZ controls worked fine. The low light performance and picture on this camera is amazing. I asked about firmware and was told if there is ever an upgrade they would email me. I wish there was a website for this product. Unfortunately with this cam, I'm guessing once you receive it, its yours. I have to admit, I would buy another one based on the quality so far. Good luck.
very nice watch, slick design. iam a big guy 196cm 110kg and it fits perfectly on my wrist but its wearable also for much smaller wrists. smooth operating system works also perfect without a simcard on the ic of my phone (Bluetooth ic connection) and the WiFi in my home. very happy with the purcase
Good product fast delivery battery will last a day with low consumption. Typing is difficult specially the lower keys. The camera is okay but not really good. Overall I’m satisfied THANKS the seller.