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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 3d delta printer
Shipping very fast. Printer very well protected. Contact the seller very helpful and professional. Installation printer very simple dealing to 20 minutes. Printer made very carefully, simple in leveling through function autoleveling. works quietly, quickly and accurately. less than a few examples of models of the PLA and ABS.
Amazing printer. The best ratio of price-quality. Parcel arrived in less than 14 days after order just to the door. Assemble the printer was easy; the parcel includes memory card with adapter for USB which contains video instructions and test model file (I attached photos of printed model). I'm under impression with this 3d printer. The seller is very sociable. Strongly recommended.
Shipping was quick, but a hickup from the Swedish postal company caused me to unknowingly wait to pick it up (thankfully FLSUN picked that up and called me, informing that the package had arrived) It took me roughly an hour from opening the box until I had begun printing. A little tinkering with the settings and suddenly I can print decent quality at 60-70mm/s. slow it down for even smoother prints. I recommend printing a new filament holder (the one included is a bit on the flimsy side, but its a very minor issue and it functions). other than that, i have already ordered new nozzles to try printing smaller details.
the package arrived in Ukraine in 3 weeks. The glass was packed very well.the size approached perfectly for my micromake d1. I've already printed on it by pla & petg - good adgesion to surface without any aditional options & heated bed temperature 60 degrees